Compare Apple AirPods vs BeatsX, which one to buy?

In less than two months, Apple has launched two alternatives for sound lovers: its AirPods and the BeatsX , which saw the light last Friday. If you’re thinking about which of the two wireless headsets to get, perhaps a review of their main features can help you in your decision. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.


The design differences between the AirPods and the Beatsx are notorious . The AirPods are made to fit everyone – and their respective ears – using similar ergonomics to the EarPods. The AirPods are made of hard plastic, which some users may find annoying when they consider them too big or too small for their taste. It follows from the one-size-fits-all design that the acoustics may vary from user to user .

Compare Apple AirPods vs BeatsX, which one to buy?
Compare Apple AirPods vs BeatsX, which one to buy?

On the other hand, the BeatsX adopt a much more traditional design strategy using silicone that allows it to be adjusted to each user’s ear . In addition, they also include an attachment to the earphones so that they are completely fixed to our earphones while we play sports. This design implementation allows for sealed acoustics, superior to AirPods and greater comfort.

Another aspect to be taken into account is that BeatsX have a connection cable between the headphones , which prevents them from getting lost individually and simpler storage, but can be annoying during use and of course, where there is a cable, there is entanglement. In their favour, they have a magnet to stick to when they are stored.

Finally, while the AirPods are only available in white – something that has given rise to quite a few complaints -, you can purchase the BeatsX in various colours: white, black, grey and blue .


The AirPods are totally and absolutely wireless , they are charged while they are in their box, so that they can be used for both storage and charging. With the BeatsX, charging takes place via a Lightning cable to the power outlet. However, Apple has implemented a feature called Fast Fuel that allows for 2 hours use with only 5 minutes of charging, one pass.

In any case, despite the Fast Fuel, the wireless charging convenience of the AirPods is unparalleled.


Both BeatsX and AirPods have the Apple W1 chip integrated, so the pairing is identical in both models . Simply bring the headset to an iOS device – which has Bluetooth enabled – and click on Connect. From then on, the BeatsX will be paired with any other gadget using the same Apple ID.

Remember that you can sync your AirPods – and therefore, your BeatsX – with other devices besides the iPhone or iPad such as an Android smartphone, a Mac, a computer…



The BeatsX follow in the firm’s footsteps in terms of sound quality, offering strong bass, although the mids and highs are surprisingly well tuned. The overall sound of the BeatsX is more dynamic than that of the AirPods, flatter and more uniform . Although somewhat subjective, it is generally believed that due to driver impedance or a volume limitation in the firmware, AirPods sound louder than BeatsX.

Given the subjectivity of this topic, we recommend that you go to an Apple Store to try them out before opting for AirPods or BeatsX.


Although it’s not a big difference, Apple’s BeatsX cost 149.95 euros compared to 179 euros for the AirPods , 30 euros difference that could perhaps help to tip the balance towards one or the other.

Appleinsider has released a video summary about these features, so you can watch them live:


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