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Collect money easily from your iPhone with a PayPal fund

PayPal includes a rather interesting feature, raise money to add to a fund or to reach a specific target.

Thanks to this way, it will not be necessary to go collecting money in a traditional way, we simply send an email, SMS or link to those interested to contribute their economic part when we want to carry out some group activity.

Collect money easily from your iPhone with a PayPal fund
Collect money easily from your iPhone with a PayPal fund

Quite useful for meals between friends or companies that are normally held at Christmas time, but it can also be taken to another level, such as Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to raise funds for a specific project or activity. It can be something social or some project idea for which we need funding through the users . This is now much easier from our iPhone.

The procedure is really simple, we simply have to enter our application of PayPal for iOS , select “Common Funds” and add the reason for it and the amount we want to collect.

Once it is finished, we can add some image and description , from that moment on, we can share the link with our friends or on social networks. As an interesting feature, we can add a cap on contributions or leave it unlimited.

The ease with which this function is offered to us from the iPhone application by PayPal can make it much easier for us to achieve our goal without having to go to third party resources .

The money collected will remain in our PayPal account until we need it for the purpose. We simply need other users to have a PayPal account to make their contributions.

PayPal’s common fundraising feature is completely free , and does not charge you a fee for the funds you collect or for the transactions you make.

So you know, if you have a project, a social idea or just a family event, from the PayPal application for iOS , we can raise funds to carry it out in a really simple way and without intermediaries.

What do you think of this function? Do you have any ideas, projects or events where you would find this method of fundraising useful?

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