Coda for iOS and OS X, this is the best code editor you will find

For years, Panic has been one of the leading developers for iOS and OS X. Great applications like Coda, Transmit or Promt have come out of there and have shown us all the potential that the iPhone, iPad or Mac can have. Today we’re going to look a little more in detail Coda for OS X and for iOS, the most powerful web code editor you can find.

The essence of Coda is to be a text-code editor. That is, Coda highlights the syntax in many different programming and labeling languages. It also allows you to auto-complete labels and to easily search for and replace parts of the code, as well as to indent the code with tabs. Come on, everything you’d expect from a code editor.

What Coda for Mac offers

Coda is not limited to a text editor, but offers a number of extra features. Bearing in mind that we can add as many plugins as we like, we could be talking about Coda for days on end , so let’s just stick to its general features:

  • File manager: From the application itself we can manage all the documents needed to create the website (text documents, CSS, HTML, images, folders…) thanks to its file browser. Also these documents can be locally or in a server through FTP, WebDAV or others.
  • Results viewer: Obviously while we are punching in the code it is ideal to be able to view the changes on the page. For this Coda offers a preview in real time. This preview can even be opened on the iPhone or iPad thanks to AirPreview to see how it looks on other screens.
  • Clips to automate: From Coda we can set up a series of code blocks that we often use so we don’t have to go looking for them and copying them, we simply press the button and they are added to the text.
  • HTML validator and MySQL editor Among many other options Coda allows us, for example, to validate our HTML code to see if it complies with the standards or to edit and define the structure of a database in MySQL.

What Coda offers for iOS

Coda for iOS is Panic’s second big bet for managing websites. We might think of a simple application to edit the code with, however Coda for iOS offers all the power of Coda for OS X on the iPhone and iPad . Let’s see what Coda for iOS allows:

  • File management: As in the desktop version, here we can also easily manage files and websites in general. It synchronizes with our account and allows us to edit files via FTP.
  • Editing Code: Obviously we can edit the code and write, but unlike any text editor, in Coda it is much easier to navigate through the code and quickly select what interests us.
  • Code clips: Of course, it is on a mobile device where it is most appreciated to be able to quickly paste in recurring blocks of code.
  • Search and replace: Find a part of the code that is not correctly written and replace it is a matter of seconds thanks to the search engine that integrates the application.
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    Special keyboard: The special keyboard is basically a bar above the keyboard that appears while we write code. In it we find the most recurrent symbols when writing code, so we don’t have to keep changing between letters, numbers and symbols.

  • AirPreview: As mentioned above, from the computer we can send a preview of the results to the iPhone or iPad. Simply open the function on the device and it will automatically recognize the computer and display the preview.

Why use Coda versus other programs

If you are a web developer you may have your own method of managing everything. However, if you are looking for an efficient and complete solution Coda’s services are the best you will find. I have been personally developing web pages for years and even though there are dozens of different services, the only one that integrates almost everything you need is Coda.

Coda for iOS and OS X, this is the best code editor you will find
Coda for iOS and OS X, this is the best code editor you will find

As an extra benefit, the synchronization between devices is sublime and quickly opens any file on any platform. Also highlight all the possibilities it offers to vitaminize the text editor, with auto-completions and visual tools that are transformed into code instantly. In short, a professional tool for professionals .

If you want to get Coda for OS X you can buy it from their website for a total of $99, although you can always try a trial version for several days . As for the iPhone or iPad, you can find it on the App Store as a universal app for 9.99 euros.


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