CloudyTabs for OS X

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CloudyTabs for OS X
CloudyTabs for OS X

With the output of iOS 8 and Os X Yosemite we saw a full integration via iCloud into various Apple applications. One of them was Safari, which thanks to iCloud allowed us to know at all times which pages and tabs were open on all our iCloud-connected devices.

This function is really useful if you are constantly changing devices, and we can take advantage of it especially from the iPhone or iPad, which allows us to see which tabs are open on other devices and select directly which we want to open. On the Mac it’s not so simple, since we can’t see at a glance the tabs on other devices , this is where CloudyTabs comes in.

CloudyTabs is a small, lightweight program with a single function: to display in the menu bar the tabs opened in Safari on all our devices . Ideal for opening any page with two simple clicks without having to resort to more complicated processes.

The application is totally free, and we can download it from GitHub to install it later on OS X. All we need is OS X 10.8.2 or later and an activated iCloud account that allows us to synchronize. To install the application we simply need to download it and copy it to the Applications folder .

Once we open the application, the icon of a cloud will appear in the menu bar. If we click on it we’ll see the open tabs according to which devices we have. We can open them individually on the computer or select to open all the tabs of a certain device. It also allows us the option to always open the program when we log in.

Personally I find this function very useful, and in fact I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t have it as standard , or at least a widget in the Notification Center. CloudyTabs works fine and synchronizes quickly if we change the open tabs in Safari, plus it integrates perfectly with Dark mode from OS X Yosemite, which is basic for me.


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