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Cloudflare announces Warp, its new VPN for iOS and Android

It has been a long time since the Internet became a “safe” place, not only because of the threats in the form of malware or similar that swarm the net, but also because all our steps are recorded , for better or for worse. We carry out dozens of searches a day without being aware that our fibre optic, ADSL or mobile network provider knows what we are looking for, knowing our interests and tastes of all kinds.

That’s why virtual private networks or VPNs have become so popular in recent years. They add a higher degree of protection and privacy that we could not get otherwise . As well as preventing our Internet provider from knowing what we are looking for, they are also useful for avoiding censorship in certain countries or for connecting to public Wi-Fi networks without putting our data at risk.

Cloudflare announces Warp, its new VPN for iOS and Android
Cloudflare announces Warp, its new VPN for iOS and Android

There are paid and free VPNs , but the latter often have unethical intentions such as selling the data they collect to third parties. Fortunately, since a few months ago, there is the alternative of Cloudflare for iOS and Android, and with the announcement of Warp it becomes much more interesting.

Currently, Cloudflare’s DNS ( are among the best rated, well above those of Google or OpenDNS. It can be configured on computers, tablets and smartphones for free. But the best thing about Cloudflare is that it doesn’t store user information or sell browsing histories to other companies.

If it is already much more beneficial than that of other companies, it improves with the arrival of Warp. From Cloudflare, with their statement, they claim that they designed Warp to improve the switching between LTE and Wi-Fi networks, as well as offering a faster service than the competition by caching and compressing content automatically. In addition to the free mode, a paid mode will be offered that promises much faster browsing speeds for those users who need it.

Enjoying Warp is very easy, since you only have to download the Cloudflare app for iOS or Android . However, as it is in beta phase there is a waiting list of more than 200,000 users signed up to try it out. In the meantime you can continue using the app while waiting for the opportunity to use it or until it officially comes out.

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