Cloud content with iOS – III Box

Third installment of this section of Applesupportphonenumber that deals with content in the cloud. If in the first two deliveries we analyzed Dropbox and Wuala, on this occasion we will talk about Box, the application that stands out especially for the free in the basic plan and a free capacity that we can achieve up to 50Gb.

One more week we present a new installment of this section in which we analyze the different methods to manage content in the cloud through our devices with iOS. If last week we analyzed Wuala, and after having seen in the first post how DropBox works, today, in our third delivery we are going to see how another program works, in this case Box.

Cloud content with iOS – III Box
Cloud content with iOS – III Box

Box allows us to manage our files in the cloud so that we always have a copy available from anywhere and on any device. It offers us both the web version for computers and, and this is what interests us, an application in the App Store. Let’s see how it works step by step.

Once we have accessed the application store, we proceed to download it. It is free of charge, which is always appreciated. When it starts, a welcome screen is generated which asks for a simple registration , the usual in these cases, after which it presents us with a startup screen.

After logging in, we see a screen with five tabs at the bottom which we analyze carefully.

The first tab he presents us with is Updates. It shows us the most recent uploads we have made to our hard drive in the cloud. It doesn’t give many options in general.

In the second tab we find a browser of all the files we have, organized by folders . Once we’ve set them up with the desktop manager, they appear in the same way in the application. At the same time we have a search engine in the upper right hand side that allows a faster access to our searches.

The next step is to select the file we want to use and apart from previewing it, we see a small blue arrow on the right. If we click on it a new window opens that gives us some more options , such as commenting, sharing by email, preparing to view offline and finally previewing.

The third tab is, together with the first one, one of the ones that from my point of view has less utility, since it only shows us those documents that we have previously filed as favorites .

The management of the files we are going to upload (is limited to images) must be done through the tab upload , either by uploading a photo or video that we have in our gallery or another that at that time we make through the camera of the device.

The last tab is the one referring to options . Here we can either exit the application by unlinking from the device, or set network preferences for downloading content or even security for access.


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With regard to the price plans, they are particularly notable for their capacity. To begin with, in the free mode offers up to 5Gb of input , an amount more than acceptable and that we can increase by payment, but the good thing is that we can get 50Gb through various promotions that get out or various tricks.

From my point of view and if we save the inconvenience of not being able to upload content from the terminal, and we look only at the capacity and management of the desktop, we can give it a decent note, but that handicap that makes us depend so much on the desktop version penalizes the note that I think I could get. The fact is that stands out for its large storage capacity , which, besides, being free, there is little to object to.

In any case, we are grateful that we have at our disposal different options with varied typology so that we can choose the one we are most interested in.

The best thing is to try it and let everyone draw their own conclusions, but as far as I’m concerned, it leaves me satisfied. We have it available for both iPad and iPhone for free.

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