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closes its mobile game company


Competition in the video game industry is very tough. Only established studios manage to survive, not without some problems. Developing a successful title is currently a miracle . The last study to fall is that of Gerard Piqué.

closes its mobile game company
closes its mobile game company

F.C. Barcelona player Gerard Piqué has dissolved his video game company, Kerad Games . Founded in 2011, Kerad Games was dedicated to the design, production and marketing of online games. Before its closure, it had 35 employees on its staff. The sole administrator of the company was Joan Piqué Rovira, the father of the footballer.

The range of titles in the study was rather narrow. In its seven years of life it only developed three video games for mobile platforms: ‘Golden Manager’, ‘Trivia League’ and ‘Stop&Gol’. All of them with football as their main theme. Two of them went quite unnoticed by the public, which can be translated as failure. The only one that achieved a considerable number of players was ‘Golden Manager’ which, in 2016, a year after its launch, had more than 10 million registered users.

‘Golden Manager’ was a simulator in which the user could manage all areas of a football club . However, despite the success, it was not enough to generate profits. On the contrary. After more than two million euros in losses and without presenting the accounts since 2015, Gerard Piqué had to dissolve the study.

Luckily for the vast majority of employees, they have been relocated to other business projects in Pique . One of them is the company ‘EMR’, focused on e-Sports. Only five of the workers’ contracts have been cancelled.

According to the newspaper ‘El Español’, Gerard Piqué will from now on focus on other projects , possibly far from the videogame sector from which he has emerged.

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