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Closed meetings with RA suppliers

The CES 2019 event in Las Vegas has been over for more than two weeks now (you have all the coverage of our colleagues from Xataka to entertain you with their news), and as we expected Apple has not participated in the event… in front of the public. What the company usually does is to take advantage of its celebration to meet with whomever it finds interesting, and it seems that this time it has been with providers of augmented reality technologies .

According to several media reports, we would be talking about a team of “more than six” Apple representatives, made up of engineers and some senior members of the company. They are said to have met with suppliers who manufacture the components needed to make augmented reality glasses , with the idea of presenting them and putting them on sale in 2020.

Closed meetings with RA suppliers
Closed meetings with RA suppliers

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Some augmented reality related companies that were present at CES 2019 and could have had a meeting with that Apple team are DigiLens, Lumus, Vuzix or WaveOptics among others. What Cupertino wants to achieve is to find a level of quality for his augmented reality solution that, once presented, will leave the competition far behind despite having arrived later.

Remember that everything related to augmented reality glasses is still far away . 2020 is a very tentative launch date, relying on plans that Apple could even modify several times depending on their priorities. 2019 is going to be a year with many changes, so personally I would focus on what we are going to see in the short term rather than on this hypothetical glasses offensive.

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