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close two of the most important repositories in the world

El jailbreak en iOS ya no tiene sentido, así es cómo Apple y otras compañías han acabado con él

No matter what our position on the jailbreak is, it is a fact that fewer and fewer users see the point of breaking the phone’s security to gain some extra functionality. Even the Cydia ModMyi and MacCiti repositories have just announced their final closure. According to The Next Web, with this move there will be even fewer files available for fans, and this practice could become a hobby for nostalgic veterans who have grown up patching older versions of iOS into devices.

close two of the most important repositories in the worldclose two of the most important repositories in the world

The reasons are more than obvious because, to give a simple example, a jailbreak has not yet been created for iOS 11 , even though it has been months since it was released to the public. Even if at some point they could make the jailbreak for this version of the operating system, there are less and less places that can be used to download apps and tweaks for the devices.

In addition, users who jailbreak their devices do not receive as many benefits from using cracked versions of iOS , as the updates have included better features and brought more flexibility to the operating system, which was not the case in the first versions.

Similarly, among the main reasons why the jailbreak has died are the security offered by Apple with iOS, the reward for the vulnerabilities it offers to those who find them, and of course the user’s own security . So we just have to say goodbye to this hack that for years benefited or mortified more than one of us.

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