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Clementine, another Amarok-based music player

If yesterday we talked about “instictiv”:https:/www.Apple.comaplicacionesinstictiv-una-nueva-experiencia-musical, a great alternative to iTunes to be able to play our music library, today we bring you Clementine , it is a light and versatile audio player.

It is based on the well-known linux player Amarok (old acquaintance of the KDE world) and as it is based on QT libraries that are multiplatform giving the possibility to make migrations to both Mac OS X and Windows platform, so it becomes a unique alternative to use it in any system we have installed.

Clementine, another Amarok-based music player
Clementine, another Amarok-based music player

Clementine is still under development, we currently have version 0.3 available but it is a fairly stable player, with support for and it also allows access to the metadata of our music files, allowing the display of covers and the search and download of them if we are missing. “Downloadsquad”:http:

Of course, it also allows you to edit the tags of MP3 and OGG music files, which are supported. Besides it also integrates with and thus gains access to internet radio . It uses the notification system Growl on Mac OS X, using similar alternatives on Linux or Windows as well.

This is a good music program, which is completely free and can help us to standardize the music player in case we are in a multiplatform environment and use Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

The code for Clementine is hosted on Google Code and you can download and test it through the links below.

Via /www.visualbeta.es17660multimediaclementine-un-reproductor-de-audio-multiplataforma-y-ligero-basado-en-amarokMás information /www.downloadsquad.com20100517clementine-is-an-attractively-simple-music-player-and-organizerDescarga /

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