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Clear will be free for 24 hours

Today Realmac, the company responsible for applications such as Clear, Ember or Analog Camera among others, has announced on its website that they are going to go back to do things right , as they should have done from the beginning.

It all started with the release of a new application, called Clear+, which added iPad support in addition to iOS 7 support. They tried to keep both the old and new apps on the App Store – updating only the new one – but that led to a lot of confusion and user frustration.

Clear will be free for 24 hours
Clear will be free for 24 hours

That’s how they recognize it:

This will be done at least twice so that all users can get what will now be the only Clear application on the App Store. This doesn’t mean that who doesn’t have the application can’t get it at that moment.

Despite being a small company, they’re going to take a risk in my opinion. It’s true that they already have a loyal user base that I’m sure owns both applications, but this shows the honesty of the Realmac people . Well done.

In the Realmac support page you can see the keys to migrate from one application to the other if it is the case, but it is basically about having everything synchronized through iCloud.

Update 272 : first day Clear is free on the App Store.

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