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Clear upgrades to iOS and comes to OS X with integrated iCloud

The wait is over, meet Clear for Mac App Store
If you are a loyal follower of minimalist applications with revolutionary designs, here a server, and also need to manage your tasks in an easy and comfortable way you are in luck. Clear, the popular task manager has been updated for iOS and is now available on the Mac App Store so we can keep our tasks on our devices in sync – great news for many.

One of the most important task managers in the App Store is undoubtedly Clear, the minimalist manager. From Realmac Software, the company behind Clear informs us that they are very excited to announce the latest update of Clear for iPhone, which as expected brings interesting new features.

Clear upgrades to iOS and comes to OS X with integrated iCloud
Clear upgrades to iOS and comes to OS X with integrated iCloud

In addition to the iOS version, a new application for the OS X platform has been released. This means that we have Clear not only on our iPhone, but also on our Mac. iCloud is the icing on the cake to all this, -as expected- having an application on different platforms makes it necessary to synchronize between them, and what better way than through iCloud, the service that Apple makes available to us for this purpose. Clear comes perfectly integrated with iCloud and this allows us to synchronize between iOS and OS X.

Adding features to the interface wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, so they decided to focus on offering other types of services, such as synchronization via iCloud. Nothing is easier than keeping your tasks in sync on your iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac to save you time and be more productive. With this new feature, Clear takes a step forward and further positions itself as one of the best task managers we currently find in the world of the Bite Block.

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