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CleanMyMac 2, new version of the application to keep our Mac clean

MacPaw released the new update of its utility for cleaning and maintenance of our Mac. CleanMyMac 2 is the new version and for those of you who don’t know it below we show you everything it can do.

And then we’ll try to assess how much it’s worth, what it offers us over other alternatives and whether or not it’s essential on our Mac.

CleanMyMac 2, clean your Mac

CleanMyMac 2 is the new version of a utility that many of you already knew. Its purpose is to help the user to clean up the Mac from unnecessary files or that have simply stayed on our hard drive over time and we are not going to use them. This is roughly its function but what exactly does it do?

  • It cleans the system, performs an analysis in search of data that can be safely deleted as the cache, both the system’s and the user’s. A file that grows with use and whose data is stored to speed up the loading of applications or files. The problem is that over time it becomes too large and there is data that is no longer needed. This analysis also looks for .plist files (application preferences) that may cause some failure in the operation of the applications themselves. And finally it removes updates from iOS devices that we don’t need, the iPhoto cache, universal binaries, as well as unnecessary languages and other files.
  • Large files, it’s an interesting feature but also a very delicate one. It is based simply on a file search by applying a filter that allows us to determine which are the largest files and which have not been opened for a certain time. In the results we can set several criteria such as the minimum size of the files to be displayed and the last opening.
  • iPhoto cleaning, I don’t think we need to explain what it’s going to allow us. The iPhoto library is a file (unless in preferences we have another behavior set) where all the image files are added. It has its advantages but among its disadvantages is how fast it grows without knowing very well why. In the end, with the same number of photos as at the beginning we can double the size of the file quickly. CleanMyMac looks for those unnecessary files and gives us the option to delete them.
  • Mumps cleaning, simple and fast. Removes files from the trash of applications like iPhoto and from the system. Also, if you don’t know, each partition, each external drive has its own trash can that remains hidden and where deleted files are kept. Do you remember the option Empty trash safely?

    CleanMyMac 2En Apple
    Uninstaller. Installing an application, except for a few, on OS X is as simple as dragging it to the application folder and that’s it. Then, removing it is supposed to repeat the action. Only this time the destination would be the trash.Y is true, ok, but there are small files like preferences (.plist) or cache files that are kept in our Mac. Usually they take more than a few KB but why keep them if they are no longer useful? With the Uninstaller we make sure that everything is removed completely.

  • Extension manager, all installed extensions can be managed by enabling or disabling them as needed. Even eliminating those that could cause some conflict.
  • Cleaner, the fastest and safest way to delete unwanted folders or files. All without leaving a trace.

New version, renewed interface

Interface of the classic version of CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac 2, new version of the application to keep our Mac clean
CleanMyMac 2, new version of the application to keep our Mac clean

The new version of CleanMyMac renews the interface , and it really feels great. Before, it wasn’t bad or that it will need, for the functions it performs, big improvements but I think it has gained in cleanliness and simplicity. It also shows the information a little more clearly and organized.

License price and options

CleanMyMac 2 has different purchase options. For example, if we buy a single license the price will be £29.96, £44.96 for two licenses and 5 licenses will cost £67.46. A price that has applied a 25% discount as a launch promotion. At the end of the period they will go to their normal price and this will increase.

Is its use really interesting?

CleanMyMac 2 automates cleaning actions that we could do manuallyThis is the question that every user faces with applications of this type. I give you my opinion, CleanMyMac 2 is a useful and interesting application but does not do anything that with some basic knowledge or a slight internet search we can’t do.

Regarding other alternatives, CleanMyMac 2 does not offer supposed “optimization” actions that I am not at all friendly with. Other maintenance applications, such as Onyx, CCleaner or similar help and perform some actions common to CleanMyMac but also get into other tasks that supposedly help optimize, repair permits, etc. that can cause more than one headache. So I firmly believe that they are not necessary or a good idea.

In short, CleanMyMac 2 does it right and there is no risk of messing up the system. Although I’m sure many of you use Onyx or similar and have never had any problems. If you don’t mind paying the license fee, the application is compliant and it helps if we have just arrived at the platform. All with a nice and very visual interface when showing the information. But it is better to investigate and know a little how our Mac works. You will get the same and learn.

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