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Cleaning the iPad 2 Smart Cover

When Apple introduced the Smart Cover for the iPad 2, I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it or not. Apple

But it also has a huge weakness, which is the amount of dirt that accumulates on the microfiber part. Every time we close the Smart Cover, a lot of grease is transferred from our fingers to the screen. How can we clean the Smart Cover?

Cleaning the iPad 2 Smart Cover
Cleaning the iPad 2 Smart Cover

To say that the plastic case is in principle easier to clean than the leather one. The plastic part is more grateful, since we can leave it impeccable with many cleaning products without so much fear of damaging it. In the leather part we can clean the part that does not make contact with the glass with a leather cleaning product, although I can already tell you that it will darken with each cleaning. What do we do with the microfiber part of the Smart Cover? I have tried two methods, which I list below.

The first involves buying some baby wipes, as they have protection for babies’ skin and cleaning products. I have used Dodot Sensitive wipes, as they are unscented and I think they will not harm the cover so much. The second method is to use a cloth moistened with water and a little bit of alligator soap and rub the microfiber part carefully so that it doesn’t take too much water. This does not involve putting it under the tap, but rubbing it gently to clean it. In both methods you have to rub carefully so that you don’t take the microfiber with you. Which method is better? To remove the fat from the fingers, the wipe method is better because of its speed. To clean and not to appear “dirty” in sight is better the soap. Then just let it dry at room temperature (no putting it on a radiator or using a hair dryer or anything else) and it’s ready to use again. The “cotton test” is to clean the iPad 2 screen and put the case on it. If there are no marks left, then we’ve successfully completed the experiment.

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