Citrix will bring Windows 7 to the iPad

Some people will surely find it strange to see the image that heads this post, but I’ll tell you, there’s not much left to see it become a reality. Because Citrix is going to improve its App Store application (citrix reciever) in order to adapt it to the iPad .

Indeed, the application will enable virtual access to a machine with Windows installed and the possibility of remotely running applications in a secure environment, even more than one at a time as the operating system runs remotely. “Infoworld”:http:

Citrix will bring Windows 7 to the iPad
Citrix will bring Windows 7 to the iPad

Representatives from Citrix say this will enable access to a new world of business applications and solutions from the same multi-touch, 10-inch screen as Apple’s newest offering, the iPad. “Citrix presenta su nueva máquina virtual”:https:

And I wonder… Is it not possible that Apple makes a VNC application to connect the iPad directly to our Mac? Without a doubt, having access to our computer screen, comfortably sitting on our sofa and with a 10 inch screen, will be a real luxury.

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