CineXPlayer HD, a Fantastic Video and Audio Player for iPad

We are very used to bad applications to play video files in other format than the original Apple one. This time you can see that CineXPlayer is a fantastic application for this purpose. It’s really handy to copy any video file format to your iPad knowing that it will play without any problems. The app also includes other features such as live TV and an attractive music player.

CineXPlayer HD, a great iPad app to play your videos in any format

The latest update that came to CineXPlayer HD for iPad has caused a big change in its interface and is now much more modern and elegant and with colors that make it much more attractive to the eye.

CineXPlayer HD, a Fantastic Video and Audio Player for iPad
CineXPlayer HD, a Fantastic Video and Audio Player for iPad

The CineXPlayer HD connection with IMBD will incorporate the data of the videos and movies you have entered . This way you can have the synopsis, cast information and other data that is very interesting.

The most important thing about a player itself is the comfort it offers you in viewing the content and we can say that you will have no problem and you will be able to play almost any file type quickly and comfortably .

In addition, CineXPlayer HD is one of the few apps on the App Store that features Dolby Digital Plus , offering the highest possible quality with unbeatable audio clarity.

Here’s the CineXPlayer HD iPad video:

Admittedly, CineXPlayer HD was not one of our favorite applications, but thanks to the latest update the app has improved substantially. A fantastic new feature has also been included as the playback of some TV channels . Although the language of CineXPlayer is English you will be able to enjoy live series on channels like HBO, even though it may be legally questionable. Also, when you flip your iPad vertically, you can use a web browser that comes included while still playing what you’re watching. Don’t you think it’s a very complete application? Tell us what you think.

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