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Cinemin Slice: Dock con Proyector para iPad

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The seemingly simple iPad docks may not be so simple. We have keyboards, speakers, clocks, blood pressure monitors… What else? Let’s see what’s on offer Cinemin Slice .

Cinemin Slice: Dock con Proyector para iPad
Cinemin Slice: Dock con Proyector para iPad

Following the CES in Las Vegas, the international fair where the technological innovations that will be talked about throughout the year are presented, and which will leave us wanting to get our hands on more than one gadget, we find that the people at WowWee are clear about this: if we have to make a presentation from the iPad the solution is the fantastic Cinemin Slice , a dock for the Cupertino tablet with a built-in pico-projector that will project our work perfectly on surfaces at a distance of up to 3 metres, reaching the size equivalent to a 60-inch panoramic television .

But of course, there’s nothing here that’s offered by this Cinemin slice: the projector also incorporates a pair of speakers that amplify the sound of the iPad . A quite complete solution for multimedia, presentations to small groups, a party, or any other scenario where we cannot place a complete television.

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And finally, it also charges the iPad. Although this feature is somewhat discreet in the face of so much multimedia functionality, it is still important.

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