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Chrome for iOS updates

A few minutes ago from Google’s offices they decided to update their browser for iOS. Among the changes it brings we can find the possibility of using Chrome full screen on the iPad, improvements in voice commands or the ability to open links in other Google applications. Chrome has been upgraded and brings great changes that we will explain below.

Chrome is one of the star browsers when it comes to surfing with the iPad or the iPhone , of course it is not the fastest one, because it does not have the same engine as Safari -since from Cupertino’s offices they are not allowed-, but it is one of the most complete ones, besides, it offers us a total synchronization with our Google account.

Chrome for iOS updatesChrome for iOS updates

Google has just released a major update to its Chrome app for iPhone and iPad that brings a new sync with other Google apps and a host of other notable features. That means that now will be able to open all the links from YouTube, Google Maps -which was also updated this morning-, Google+ and other native applications instead of opening them in the browser.

The update also brings improvements in the voice search capabilities , which was recently introduced, now include: controls always visible from the toolbar and voice synthesis is for all variations of English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean.

Other improvements in today’s update include full-screen support on the iPad – a delight for some – easier access to history. And, according to Google, data cost savings when using 3G. In addition, we’ll be able to see Chrome’s data consumption from the screen of Settings , but it’s not a feature that has been fully implemented yet, although it will reach everyone very soon.

Finally, minor bugs and security issues have been fixed – a classic in app updates -.

According to iTunes these are the changes brought by the new version:

  • It can be used with other Google applications.
  • Allows you to open links to YouTube, Maps, Google+ and Google Drive in the application instead of in the browser.
  • Includes improvements in voice search.
  • Voice synthesis is available for all variations of English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
  • The toolbar controls are always available when using voice search.
  • Can be used in full-screen mode on the iPad.
  • It offers savings in data costs.
  • Data usage has been reduced and pages load faster. You can see the data savings in the bandwidth management settings. This feature is being implemented and will be available to all users shortly.
  • Allows access to the browser history.
  • It includes stability and security improvements and some bugs have been fixed.

As always, you can download Chrome for iOS from the App Store for free .


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