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Choosing a new MacBook is now easier than ever

Yesterday Apple surprised us all with an update to its notebook range, now all MacBook Pro’s will have a Touch Bar and Touch ID and the MacBook Air has improved its display and lowered its price , in addition the small 12-inch MacBook has been discontinued by Apple and will no longer be available from the Apple Store.

All these new features have greatly simplified the choice of a MacBook , now we only have two product ranges that also differ more in price and specifications. This was something we complained about at the time, Apple had many computers that were very similar, now choosing a Mac is easier than ever.

Choosing a new MacBook is now easier than ever
Choosing a new MacBook is now easier than ever

Until now, when someone wanted to buy a MacBook, they had three options that differed slightly from each other but were very similar in price.

  • MacBook Pro, 13 inches: 1,505.59 euros.
  • MacBook, 12 inches: 1,505.59 euros.
  • MacBook Air, 13 inches: 1,349.00 euros

The late 12-inch MacBook was similar in design and lightness to the Air but was priced like a MacBook Pro . Also, the difference between the MacBook Air and the 13-inch Pro was not very big, neither in specifications nor in price. The MacBook Air also had major improvements such as Touch ID.

After yesterday’s announcements everything is much easier for users, two distinct ranges of devices:

  • MacBook Pro, 13 inches: 1,499 euros.
  • MacBook Air, 13 inches: 1,249 euros.

Now , MacBook Air and MacBook Pro differ even more than before , both in specifications and price. The most basic 13-inch MacBook now includes a Touch Bar and Touch ID and features the latest eighth-generation Intel processors. And the MacBook Air gets a price drop that can be very significant, especially for students.

Apple now has a MacBook for those who need maximum portability and not so much power . And with a price point that’s ideal for students, that’s MacBook Air. On the other hand we have the new MacBook Pro that now has improvements like the Touch Bar and Touch ID in the entry model that will be chosen by those who need a little more power.

No doubt it’s a good thing that Apple has simplified its range of laptops, it’s now much easier to recommend one model or another and they’re also cheaper.

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