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Chomp’s purchase pays off


Aitor Carbajo told us at the end of February that Apple had bought Chomp, a company that had created an interesting search engine for App Store applications. Now, half a year later, we start to see the effects of that purchase. Apple has changed the search interface of the App Store in the iOS 6 beta , leaving the results of any search as shown by Chomp.

Chomp’s purchase pays off
Chomp’s purchase pays off

In these results each application is presented in a kind of table , and we can move through each of these tables horizontally with the iPhone and vertically on the iPad (the image above shows the interface of these results on the tablet). According to the developers who have tested it, it is a slower way to navigate between the results because in the case of the iPhone we can only see one on screen, but everything looks neater and cleaner.

Apple has also taken the opportunity to add some more new features to the App Store: recommendations using Genius, podcast searches … it seems that Cupertino have seriously started working on improving the experience of their app store. I particularly like that in each frame of the app we can see a screenshot, something that can be very eye-catching in certain occasions (looking for a Twitter client, for example).


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