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China bans the sale of iPhone 6 in Beijing

China has become a black spot for Apple. It’s worth mentioning that the Californian firm is accumulating serious conflicts with the Asian country and everything is on edge, despite Tim Cook’s meeting with the Chinese government. What is it about this time?

Patent issue for Apple

A Chinese company has wanted to sue the American brand for violating patents on the design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Shenzhen Baili, the company that allegedly patented a design very similar to Cupertino’s, is disputing the similarities between the 100C model and the iPhone 6.

China bans the sale of iPhone 6 in Beijing
China bans the sale of iPhone 6 in Beijing

Although this problem only affects Beijing , other firms in the Asian country could use this strategy to make it difficult for Apple to exist in China, where competition in the technology market is immense. Another reason for using this method would be to benefit and take away part of the market from the most direct competitors.

For the time being the Intellectual Property of Beijing maintains the decision to prohibit the sales of the Cupertino’s terminal. If Apple does not appeal, the sale of the iPhone 6 and 6s would be officially banned in the Chinese capital.

Legal conflicts with China continue

This problem accentuates the American firm’s legal disputes with China. It should be noted that a few months ago in that country Apple was stripped of the exclusivity of the term iPhone, in order to share it with another company dedicated to the production of accessories. On the other hand, in 2012, the apple’s owners had to pay 60 million dollars for rights to the iPad in China.

As expected Apple’s shares have fallen because of this conflict. This is not positive news for the firm, which has already experienced slight declines at the beginning of the year. In addition, India also joins the list of trouble spots for Apple, due to the tough laws of the Indian finance ministry. Will Cupertino be able to solve this situation with the Chinese country?

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