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Chicisimo, do you know what to wear today?

There are many of us who have ever had to face the much-feared question from our partners: “What should I wear? Then our brain starts spinning its complex mechanism in the form of gears and saucer monkeys to try to find a meaningful answer. But that was before, because now there’s an app for that with Chicisimo (which in my head sounds like Chic-ísimo ). Arguments are a thing of the past.

Joking aside, the last few days I’ve been taking a look at this app and I’ve been surprised with all it has to offer. It’s designed for women, but that doesn’t stop its potential and usefulness from being evident . Chicisimo is a Spanish app with a well thought out interface and menus that give a very good user experience. Let’s take a look at it.

Chicisimo is a social network for choosing clothes

Chicisimo, do you know what to wear today?Chicisimo, do you know what to wear today?

If there’s one thing I learned with Vivino, the wine social network, it’s that for a social network to have a better chance of succeeding it must focus on a very specific niche. The generalist bets are already taken by Facebook, Twitter and company. That’s why Chicisimo aims at a specific niche and shoots with very good arguments. When you launch the app for the first time you can use most of the basic functions without having to register:

  • Browse popular looks: here you can see sets uploaded by users with more followers and organized in a timeline similar to Twitter.
  • Dress ideas: this is a feature that impressed me. This screen shows a series of combinations that are organized according to two variables, type of garment and color. We move the garment bar to choose the type and the color bar to choose the one we want.

This last feature surprised me by the speed and accuracy in displaying the results . You choose how to wear the pants and the color green and boom! there are a lot of looks organized that way. But if you want to squeeze the most out of Chicisimo you have to register as a user. You don’t have to share anything if you don’t want to and you will have access to very interesting features:

  • Follow the profiles whose looks you like the most.
  • Save them in private albums and organize them as you wish. Type “Wedding ideas” or “To go out”.
  • Mark it as a favorite.
  • Share looks with your followers.
  • Upload photos with your own outfits, of course.

Chicisimo has a very active community that provides interesting content for its users.

A highly polished app that is bearing fruit

Chicisimo was released on the App Store on the 15th and reached the top of free downloads in a very short time . The number of users who downloaded it and use it regularly shows that they have hit the jackpot. Despite being a version 1.0, the app works smoothly and without frustration.

Just take a look at the app reviews to see what an interesting future awaits you. Although we don’t know anything about how they will generate income, like all free social networks they will most likely incorporate ads into their feed in time.


  • Developer: Chicisimo
  • Language: Spanish
  • Requirements: iOS 7.0
  • Price: Free
  • Download it from the App Store

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