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CheckARz, Chess and Augmented Reality on iPad 2

The company App Toyz! has just presented one of its new toys, this time based on Augmented Reality . Remember that Augmented Reality on the iPad 2 consists of using the tablet’s rotation, acceleration and position sensors to mount information or objects on the image collected by the rear camera . In this way we can walk around a city, frame a historical building and obtain information, recommendations and old photographs about it.

Augmented Reality is a mature technology that has been on the smartphone market for some years. However, one of the big gaps to be filled is the use of it in games , as so far we have not seen any great proposals in this regard.

CheckARz, Chess and Augmented Reality on iPad 2
CheckARz, Chess and Augmented Reality on iPad 2

Well, App Toyz! has just introduced CheckARz , a game that tries to recreate the idea of the famous chess game we see in Star Wars , where only the board is real and the pieces are holograms.

The operation is as follows: we have on a chessboard some coloured pieces, as to play checkers. Pointing at an iPad 2 (we assume that it will need enough graphic power to render the pieces on the board) we will see, as if by magic, our battalion ready to face the enemy of another color.

The guys from Qualcomm , technological geniuses, collaborated in the project. When you move a piece on the real board, the same happens in the virtual game , adding an animation to this move. The game is designed for both children and adults, so it must be eye-catching and functional at the same time.

Pocket-lint has shown a first demo of the game. CheckARz is for now only a prototype , but even so, it already shows an incredible potential to take the way we play one step further, integrating traditional board games with virtual reality.

Although it won’t be out until September 2012, we’ll leave you with a video of the game in action. It still fails at times, but we hope that the final result will be quite satisfactory.

Spectacular, isn’t it? A lot of iPad 2 games based on augmented reality are coming… Time to time!

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