Cheap 2018 iPhone X will have a single camera

El iPhone low cost de 2018 tendrá un cristal a prueba de todo

Pero lo más importante de la información de Onleaks se centra en la parte trasera. Probablemente para abaratar costes, Apple incluirá una sola cámara en la parte trasera del iPhone X barato de este año. Por lo que nos podríamos encontrar con un modelo con una parte trasera my similar a la del actual iPhone 8. En este vídeo podemos verlo mejor.

Cheap 2018 iPhone X will have a single camera
Cheap 2018 iPhone X will have a single camera

En cuanto a las especificaciones internas, poco más se sabe. Se espera que incluya el nuevo procesador A12 igual que sus hermanos. Es probable que el iPhone barato mantenga los 3 GB de RAM y el mismo almacenamiento que el iPhone X. Es la única manera de conseguir que sea más barato.

¿Te convence el nuevo iPhone barato que prepara Apple?

New information has come to us about that year’s iPhones. Previous rumors indicated that Apple is preparing three models for this year. A 5.8-inch model like the iPhone X, another larger 6.5-inch model that would be the iPhone X Plus and finally a third iPhone with an LCD screen and a cheaper price .

This new iPhone would have a similar design to the iPhone X with a screen size close to 6 inches . Until now we didn’t know much more, but the well known OnLeaks filter has just revealed some important information and some supposed renderings of the device.

As we all know, this year Apple will continue to bet on the design released on the iPhone X. So we will have notch, so trendy lately. As for the screen, the Onleaks font reveals that it does not know if it is 6.1 or 6 inches exactly. But it will be about that size.

In terms of physical dimensions, this iPhone seems to be thicker than the iPhone X reaching 8.3mm , while the iPhone X stays at 7.7mm. The length and width also increase, obviously because it has a larger screen. The new iPhone will measure 150.9mm x 76.5mm. The iPhone X measures 143.6mm x 70.9mm. The screen ratio will remain the same, 19.5:9.

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