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chargers, HomeKit accessories, HomePod rivals

10 fantásticos accesorios de HomeKit para tu iPhone y iPad

Carga inalámbrica

Tras el lanzamiento del iPhone 8, del iPhone 8 Plus y del iPhone X, Apple ha abierto todo un mundo de posibilidades a las compañías de accesorios. La carga inalámbrica Qi será otra de las categorías destacadas en el CES de 2018 . Belkin ya ha anunciado sus nuevos cargadores para 2018, pero se espera que muchas otras compañías se suban al carro con soluciones innovadoras.

chargers, HomeKit accessories, HomePod rivalschargers, HomeKit accessories, HomePod rivals

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CES 2018 is already arriving in Las Vegas and everyone is eager to discover the new technology gadgets, devices and accessories to be presented this year.

The presentation of so many technology devices in such a short period of time can be a bit confusing, so from iPadizate we are going to offer you a small summary with all those new features that will be presented at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Most of the iPhone and Mac accessory manufacturing companies will be announcing new products at CES, so there will be some very interesting surprises that you are sure to love…


One of the predominant categories at CES 2018 will undoubtedly be home automation. Especially those belonging to the Apple ecosystem to control different elements of the home through HomeKit. We have already seen some accessories that allow you to turn on lights, activate the door lock, use security cameras and much more. Best of all, you can control these accessories with your voice from your iPhone and iPad , using Siri commands.

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What do you expect from CES 2018? Which products would you like to see announced? We are waiting for you in the comments section.