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Characters that appear on the keynotes

Apple’s presentations today have become a media-driven event, followed by many fanboys of the brand. In this special we will present these “Supermen” that appear in the keynotes and thus to know more about their functions in the company and their trajectories before landing in the Californian company.

Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most influential contemporary thinkers of the 19th century, said that a superman was a confident person who did not let himself be carried away by the crowd ; unlike weak people, who only let themselves be carried away by established traditions and rules.

Characters that appear on the keynotes
Characters that appear on the keynotes

I think that has been the concept of the employee that Apple has always wanted, super men or super women, people who are daring, confident in what they do, creative, people who break the rules and think differently. Those ” crazy ones ” that Apple mentioned in its famous advertising campaign “Think different” .

Most of these employees are not known, some are even gone, and others we can recognize, or at least hear from their faces, from seeing them in the press and even in the company’s own presentations. It is precisely these last ones that we want to talk about, so that those who do not know very well who these Apple supermen are , can identify them when we see our next Apple keynotes .

Philip Schiller is senior vice president of marketing for all Apple products and a member of the executive team. He reports directly to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and works on virtually every team in the company. Since returning to Apple in April 1997, he has helped the company improve Macs, leading the digital music revolution since the iPod, and reinventing the future with current devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Phil usually plays a major role in the company’s new product presentations and is recognized as a marketing guru. He has once taken the lead in the keynote , as for example in the presentation of the iMac G5, when Steve Jobs could not be there due to an operation.

Phil is one of these guys who doesn’t mince words and has often given us phrases like these:

  • “Android is a free replacement.” (Considering Android-based smartphones as a free replacement for conventional phones.)
  • “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.” (Introducing the new Mac Pro 2013).
  • “When you take an Android out of the box you need to sign up for nine different services to get an experience similar to the one you get on iOS. Not everything works smoothly.” (Statements in a Wall Street Journal interview)

In his resume he has over 25 years of marketing and management experience , he has held various positions such as Vice President of Product Marketing at Macromedia, Inc. in San Francisco, CA; Director of Product Marketing at FirePower Systems, Inc, of Menlo Park, CA; as Information Technology Manager at Nolan, Norton & Company in Lexington, MA; and as Programmer and Systems Analyst at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. Schiller graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Boston University in 1982.

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