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Changing Your Display Style WITHOUT Jailbreak in iOS 9

HomeTricks iPad and iPhoneHow to Style Your Screen WITHOUT Jailbreak in iOS 9By Sergio J. Ortiz – May 26, 2016ShareFacebookTwitter

Lately we have introduced you to a lot (and variety) of jailbreak-free iPhone and iPad tricks . For example, you could install WhatsApp on the iPad, or you could free up space on your device. A few days ago, we also introduced you to a method for switching to the retro Instagram icon and an excellent tutorial for customizing non-jailbreak icons on the iPhone and iPad.

Changing Your Display Style WITHOUT Jailbreak in iOS 9Changing Your Display Style WITHOUT Jailbreak in iOS 9

This time, we will explain step by step how to change the style of your screen without installing the iOS 9 Jailbreak. It’s a very simple, fast and safe process.

On the other hand, if you have Jailbreak it is very easy to install new themes to customize your iPhone or iPad via WinterBoard. But without Jailbreak, you can use a new tool called iSkin .

Tutorial to change the style of the folders in iOS 9

1. Open Safari on your iPhoneiPad.

2. Access the iSkin Tool iPhone website.

3. Slide your finger over the screen and search for “Browse all themes”.

4. Select the style you want.

5. Click on “Application icons”.

6. From this section you can choose which icons you want to install.

7. Click on “Install icons”.

8. Then install the new theme and enter your password.

9. Finally, press “Done”.

10. Wait for the installation progress to be completed.

After a few minutes, when you return to the Springboard on your iPhone or iPad you can see how the appearance of your screen has changed. If it didn’t work, don’t worry, go back through the process and remember to install the profile on your iPhoneiPad. You can also try rebooting your device.

Tip: For the trick to work properly you must follow each step from the Safari application on your iPhone or iPad.

Video tutorial

We hope that this tutorial has helped you, if you have any doubts or questions we invite you to participate in the comments section.

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