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Changing the password of jailbreaked iPhones

I’m on the blog CrunchGear with a very interesting trick that can help us to increase a bit the security of our iPhone . Basically, the problem is that all iPhones jailbreakeados have the same password for the root , administrator, and that we’ve all had to type ‘alpine’ at some point.

If our iPhone is connected to a local network, any other user can connect to our phone from another computer with the only requirement that it is also connected to the same network. The result can be catastrophic, as the password ‘alpine’ will allow you to access the contents of the iPhone’s disk with administrator permissions, so you can edit or delete any file on your phone .

Changing the password of jailbreaked iPhonesChanging the password of jailbreaked iPhones

To avoid this you have to change the iPhone password , which is encrypted in one of the files. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. In a Terminal (in the computer, not in the iPhone), execute the command openssl passwd -crypt -salt stucontraseñanueva, where tucontraseñanueva is the new password you want to put to access it by WiFi.
  2. The execution of that command will return a string of characters of type sFQand1nUQmpjM. That’s the new encrypted password. We save that string (1) (in other words, we leave the Terminal open).
  3. Now we have to go with an FTP program (CyberDuck or Transmit for example) to connect to our phone, and go to the directory etc. Once inside, there is a file called master.passwd that we have to open with a plain text editor (TextEdit or TextMate for example), where we will find a line that will put the following:
  1. In that line, the string smx7MYTQIi2M corresponds to the alpine password encryption, the system default. To change it, we’ll have to change smx7MYTQIi2M to the string(1), which we had left in an open terminal. Copy and paste, so you’ll have something like this:

Where our password is a string of characters that always starts with s, and is the one taken out after executing a command in a terminal (1) .

After copying and pasting the new password, the document is saved, the system is restarted and our iPhone root password has already been changed. The mobile phone is restarted and everything is checked to make sure it works correctly again. And we’re done.

First of all, a cautionary note : if you follow this method, please note that the smallest error can cause your iPhone to stop working . I don’t mean indefinitely, but just by deleting some :, the iPhone’s Mac OS X mini system wouldn’t be able to start, so you would have to format it completely and jailbreake it from scratch, thus losing all the information you had before .

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These are a series of steps that are not extremely complex and are very well explained in the official source, whose link you can find at the end of the entry. Even so, I recognize that for a person who does not handle these tools fluently it can cost some work, although following the steps there should be no problem to finish it correctly.