Changing the camera in a FaceTime call with iOS 12

El emoji del iPhone en iOS 12.1 ahora es un iPhone X
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Although iOS 12 does not have big aesthetic changes , it has arrived with important new features.

Changing the camera in a FaceTime call with iOS 12
Changing the camera in a FaceTime call with iOS 12

In addition to these new features, many applications have been updated, one of which is FaceTime. With iOS 12.1, group calls with up to 32 participants will be available, but in addition to this new feature the call interface has been completely changed .

You may have noticed this change and now don’t know how to switch between the two cameras in a FaceTime call, we explain how to do it.

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If you’ve made any FaceTime video calls since installing iOS 12, you may have noticed that the interface has changed slightly. We now have new buttons to the right and left of the hang up button.

Here’s what you need to do to change the camera in a FaceTime call on iOS 12:

  • The first thing you have to do is access the new control panel. It’s the right button with three dots, with the left one we’ll access the new effects.
  • Pressing this button will display a menu with more options.
  • Here we have several options available, mute the call, effects, turn off the camera and up right switch between cameras. By pressing it we will switch between the front and the back camera of our iPhone or iPad.

As you can see it is quite simple, however it is a bit more convoluted than in previous iOS versions where this button was available directly and not hidden in a secondary menu.

The operation of the interface of a FaceTime video call does not change, is identical on the iPhone and iPad with the same settings menu.


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