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Changes in the App Store, how do they affect developers?

Let’s face it: the new iOS 6 app store ( App Store ) is affecting business. Period. Having said that, we developers must prepare ourselves for the big challenges that this new store brings. Many of us have seen how the ( scarce ( ) profits from selling apps, aggravated by piracy ( some people think that paying 0.79 euro for an app is too much money ( ), because of the economic crisis, and because of the immense competition, have been drastically reduced.

Why is this happening?

On the one hand, there is no longer a news section in the App Store . New apps simply don’t appear anywhere. Previously, when you uploaded your apps, they appeared in the release section and, if they were interesting, they went up in the ranking and were already visible to everyone. This was a good strategy that rewarded the quality of the products.

Changes in the App Store, how do they affect developers?
Changes in the App Store, how do they affect developers?

Now, since there are no more new features, your only chance to let people know about your apps is either to invest in advertising ( many developers can’t ) or to try to get people to find the apps by searching the App Store. It’s clear that Apple wants to encourage the discovery of apps. Now Genius takes a prominent place in the store, occupying the bottom center button of the App Store. On the other hand, they’ve invested a million dollars in a search system to make people look for their apps and the store present them by relevance.

The problem is that the search simply doesn’t work. I invite you to take this test. If you search for speed cameras in the App Store, you will first see ‘ Speed Camera – CamSam’ , an app that copies the name of another well-known app in the store to take advantage of the pull of this one, it is ‘ Speed Camera ‘. CamSam is not even in the top 100 of navigation and appears in first place, while the app to which it shoots the name, and which is in the top 15 appears in the 14th position of the search.

As we can see, the search is not very relevant…

What can we developers do to alleviate this phenomenon? It’s simple: Invest in advertising and keyword optimization and SEO so that our apps are visible when users search for relevant terms. Following these two simple guidelines we can mitigate the decrease in sales that the new App Store is causing to developers .

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