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Change the color of the status bar with Status Color

With the arrival of iOS 7 many users are wondering whether to take the leap or wait a while to try out the new features. The reason is that the possibilities offered by the jailbreak are almost infinite and that is something to be valued. If you are one of those who have decided to keep waiting this week we are going to show you a tweak as easy to use as it is functional and it gives a touch of color to our iDevice by changing the look of the status bar.

The release of the new iPhone and since yesterday the availability for everybody with an iOS 7 compatible terminal are marking the future of the week, but we must not forget that the Apple spectrum is not limited only to that. There are many users who do not intend for now to try iOS 7 for one reason, the freedom that allows us the jailbreak to adapt the terminal to our taste.

Change the color of the status bar with Status ColorChange the color of the status bar with Status Color

In Tuning iOS we have treated the jailbreak in its multiple possibilities and for many owners of a device with iOS, among which a server is found, the limitations that iOS generates itself are not interesting .

In this installment we’ll show you something as simple as changing the color of the status bar, something that thanks to jailbreak and a tweak by Cydia, Status Color , we can do without any problem.

Available free of charge from the BigBoss repository, Status Color doesn’t even require a subsequent restart of the terminal to start using its functions. At that time a section called Status Color appears in the Settings where we can adjust the color of the status bar in real time using simple RGB sliders.

That we get tired of black and want to adopt for example the red color that predominates on the wallpaper ? Only we have to adjust the three shade bars so that the color matches the one we want to use.

Just like that, an example of tweak to give a greater degree of personalization to our iDevice . In addition Status Color is compatible with other tweaks that have already passed through this section as SBSettings or Activator, so its use is not a problem.

While waiting for the jailbreak for iOS 7 to be effective and despite the good reception that this version has had among the general public, we are sure that a good number of users are still loyal to the most radical part of iOS.

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