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Change the background of the Dashboard

Mac OS X Lion has brought some big changes, among them the position and access to the dashboard, this time in our weekly trick we are going to talk more about design and how to customize our operating system. We are going to start this mini section by changing the background of the dashboard for another more elegant and showy one, so choose a good image and get to work.

First of all you have to know that it is a background effect with repetition, therefore the image to choose but suitable is a texture of this form the repetition will be perfect, now well you can choose any image of the size that is, in our case the logo of AppleSupportPhoneNumber.

Install the new background.

Change the background of the Dashboard
Change the background of the Dashboard

Once we have the ideal image we have to transform it to PNG format so that the system recognizes it (this is the format that Apple usually works). To perform this step, it is enough to open the chosen image with Preview and choose among the options to export to PNG.

Now we will proceed to change the background of our dashboard, to do this it will be necessary to access the following path “SystemLibraryCoreServices” remember that depending on the language of the operating system the path may vary (in English it would be “SistemaLibreriaCoreServices” ). Once in the correct directory, select the Dock application “” right-click and select the option “show package contents” , in this new window you should go to “ContentsResources” .

Once located, you will be able to observe that in this directory there are all the resources referring to the dock and the dashboard (watch what you touch) , the image that we try to replace is “pirelli.png” if you place yourself on it and you press the space bar you will see that it is a black button, thanks to this image and the effect of repetition we obtain the current background of dashboard.

We made a backup of that image (it will ask us for the administrator password, since it is a reserved directory of the system) for example “pirelli_back.png” and we proceed to copy in the directory our image, renaming the file to “pirelli.png” so that the system recognizes it.

To finish we only have to restart the Dock , to do so we will enter the terminal and execute this command, “killall Dock” . This will restart the dock and the dashboard allowing us to see the new background image we have chosen .

As you have seen, it is a very simple and easy process to perform. Do you dare to change the background of your dashboard? do you know any more tricks to better customize our mac?

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