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change iOS icons

Así lucen las apps de iOS 13 con el modo oscuro activado comparadas con el modo claro

Sin duda sería un cambio importante en el modo de funcionamiento del modo oscuro que sería muy bienvenido, sin embargo no es algo que esté asegurado ni mucho menos. Veremos si Apple da el paso en la próxima gran actualización, o si incluye algunas novedades y mejoras distintas en el modo oscuro de iOS 14.

change iOS icons
change iOS icons

The dark mode has been one of the main new features of iOS 13 after many years of rumors. It is a change in the iOS interface all of which turns black and gray, something that is especially noticeable in the new OLED display devices , even reducing battery consumption.

However, the dark mode is not something that Apple has introduced and will leave aside, with the passage of updates will be improved and we may already know what will be the main novelty of this mode in iOS 14, at least Apple already has patented .

The dark mode works really well on the iPhone, perfectly synchronized with many Apple applications , like Maps, Notes, Mail, Safari or Apple Music, and with third party applications like Instagram or Twitter. However, the interface icons remain unchanged, and the vast majority use white or light colors.

Apple has recently registered an Apple Music icon with a black background and rumors have been rampant. Many speculate that it is a preview of a new dark mode interface that will not only change the backgrounds, but also modify the icons to follow this design line.

Some have even ventured to imagine how the rest of Apple’s apps might look with some icons modified for dark mode, so they imagine from The Mac Observer :

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