Cautoh, turns your iPhone into a Breathalyzer: App of the Week

As the week begins, Apple introduces a new app to help you get the most out of your iOS devices. In this opportunity we want to share a very good tool to all the people who often go out of trip, take a shot and want to know if they are in the necessary conditions to drive .

This is Cautoh, an application that converts the iPhone into a breathalyser capable of estimating the level of alcohol in our blood . It is only necessary to tell it what drinks we consume and how much, so that the app tells us if we are fit to drive a car or not. Today I will tell you step by step how this app works, as well as give you a little taste of its history from its creators.

If you are going to drink, don’t drive

Cautoh, turns your iPhone into a Breathalyzer: App of the Week
Cautoh, turns your iPhone into a Breathalyzer: App of the Week

Mixing alcohol with cars is never a good idea. According to figures from the European Commission, more than 20% of road accidents that occur each year in the Community territory are directly related to alcohol consumption . Due to the above and because of the great risk involved in driving under these effects, the Road Safety Act in Spain considers driving under the influence of alcohol with rates higher than those permitted to be a very serious offence.

Hundreds of companies around the world have decided to focus their efforts on creating alternatives to change this situation, and precisely one of them is to develop applications like Cautoh .

If we come out of a meal that has gone on for a while and we don’t know if we are fit to drive, this tool helps us to know. When we open the app we find the icon of a calculator, which shows us a list of drinks, each of them indicates how many degrees of alcohol is equivalent to take a single shot .

In order to know if they are in the right condition to take the car, they must be honest in choosing what kind of drinks and how much they consumed. Once they do, they should press the ‘Next’ arrow. At that moment, Cautoh asks you to include some data to create your account within the app, so you have to say your name, gender, email, weight and indicate the country you are in , because remember that each territory has its own road safety laws.

According to León Hernández, the app’s developer, Cautoh takes into account the weight and gender of the users in order to give an approximation of their alcohol level using formulas created by toxicologists . In addition, the application also shows us an estimated time that we should wait to be in proper condition to drive.

Unlike other applications that help us detect our blood alcohol level, Cautoh offers added value to users. If the app shows us that we are over the limit, gives us the possibility to order an Uber or enter Foursquare and look for a nearby restaurant where we can wait to get sober.

The creators: interviewing the brain behind Cautoh


When we tried Cautoh we wanted to contact the brain behind this idea to know its beginnings. León Hernández, CEO of Cautoh, told us the story of this application, which started as an idea to help people to be clear about the maximum levels of alcohol allowed to drive .

One of the most common myths that the developers debunked when creating this app, is that eating after drinking alcohol helps lower the level of alcohol . According to Hernandez, this myth is false because “food helps a little bit if it is consumed during the time of drinking, not after” .

Hernandez says that since Cautoh was released a year ago, they have received very good feedback from users . “We’ve received hundreds of comments from people all over the world saying they love the app and giving us feedback. That tells us that we’re adding value to people. That’s a good indicator and the best reward” .

In addition to the application, Cautoh’s team has been working on a physical breathalyser that will soon be launched in crowdfunding with Indiegogo.

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