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Casa de carga, fútbol Charrua y Secret Oops!

In the last few days, some news have arrived at Apple Arcade, in addition to the promotional videos that Cupertino’s firm has been publishing on its official YouTube channel. Since the weekend has arrived and many people may want to spend it at home, playing some entertaining title, from Apple we share with you the news that have arrived at Apple Arcade in the last few weeks.

The Load House

Let’s start with a recent premiere that was announced in the last few hours. It is ‘The Load House’ or ‘Out of Control’, a title that transports us to the chaotic world of Lincoln Loud and his sisters, the protagonists of Nickelodeon’s famous series.

Casa de carga, fútbol Charrua y Secret Oops!
Casa de carga, fútbol Charrua y Secret Oops!

The idea is that players guide the Louds while they accomplish different objectives , such as managing different routes for each character while they go on mischief or just play. In addition, it is possible to explore the house, collect items and obtain medals and collectibles during the game. In short, this family-friendly strategy title encourages players to complete various tasks before time runs out.

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Charrua Soccer

Another of the recent titles that arrived in recent weeks at Apple Arcade was ‘Charrua Soccer’. This is a game in which you have to face the computer, another player or in competition, and discover a new football game with tons of action and adrenaline, that distances itself from the realistic simulation and focuses more on the fun side .

According to its creators, the cartoon style for the characters is designed so that anyone from any country can relate. The game mode is easy for anyone to learn , so it is a game that suits both the more casual players and those looking for a bigger challenge.

Secret Oops!

And finally we have ‘Secret Oops!’, a multiplayer that uses the device’s Augmented Reality to offer a different and entertaining way of playing. In this game, players must make sure that no one detects the world’s dumbest spy .

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In ‘Secret Oops!’ you have to go through a series of levels while the spy deactivates all sorts of security measures in order to reach the end of the journey** and get the information. Little by little the levels get more complicated and you have to think of a more elaborated strategy.

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