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Cars: Lightning fast for iPhone and iPad

Cars, the new game from Gameloft, is our app of the day

Just a couple of days ago, in collaboration with Disney, Gameloft launched on the App Store a fun and cheerful car game for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. Its name is Cars: Fast as Lightning and it is the official app of the popular movie “Cars” .

In this title we will control different animated characters from the movie and challenge other cars to races full of bridges, jumps and impossible turns. Have you ever played Scalextric? Well the game mode of Cars: Fast as Lightning is quite similar to that of that famous classic of the 90s.

Cars: Lightning fast for iPhone and iPadCars: Lightning fast for iPhone and iPad

Cars: Fast as Lightning is a game for iPad and iPhone 100% free , requires iOS 6 or later versions and an iPad 2 or later, and has integrated purchases within the application in the form of coins and diamonds.

A fun game for the little ones in the house

Cars, like most Disney-themed titles, is a game specially designed for children . The youngest in the house will enjoy as never before the colours, the animated narrations and the funny scenes that take place in the official Cars app.

Furthermore, the simplicity of the game mode will encourage them to keep playing for hours , at least, as long as they have enough gas. Since each race will make us lose a bar of gasoline that later we will be able to fill up by means of micropayments.

Features and gameplay

Cars is not just a car game like any other, in Cars we will also have the possibility to create the city by building the different buildings of Lightning McQueen’s friends (the main character of the movies) and improve our cars in Mate’s workshop. The races are divided into different circuits, designed by each of the characters in this fun title.

Our goal will be to beat our rivals one by one while improving the circuits by adding curves, ramps, bridges and acrobatics . This way until we reach the last circuit, the McQueen Lightning. To control the car you only need to press the screen to accelerate , make some touches and release the accelerator in the most dangerous corners.

It’s a very entertaining and fun game, if it weren’t for the constant incitement to make in-app purchases it would be one of the best games for children in the App Store. Nevertheless, and being a free app, it can be enjoyed without the need to pay a single euro. If we loved it… Imagine how much the little ones will love it!

Cars on video

Discover all the features of Cars: Fast as Lightning in this video:

Download Cars: Lightning Fast for iPhone and iPad

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What do you think about Gameloft’s new game? We really liked it.