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Carpool Karaoke release delayed and release date unknown

This month was the one indicated by Apple for the premiere of a new season of Carpool Karaoke but there is still no sign of it. A report from Reuters claims that it is delayed and could come out in the next few months although there is no specific reason for this.

There will be no Carpool Karaoke in the next weeks, its release date is uncertain

A big celebration was expected last month on the occasion of the series’ premiere, but then it was postponed a couple of times until Apple gave no more signals to go ahead with the plans. CBS, a US TV network is still hopeful and excited about what has been done , and will wait for Apple to make a decision on its release date. Interestingly, Apple did not give an exact date for the series’ release, but only focused on April.

Carpool Karaoke release delayed and release date unknown
Carpool Karaoke release delayed and release date unknown

Apple acquired the rights in July 2016 to have the series in its Apple Music catalogue. The new series contains 16 half-hour chapters, with a different format as James Corden will not be the only host behind the wheel.

Awaiting an official response

Apple hasn’t made any statement on the subject, and now we’ll have to wait for the release of The Planet of the Apps, another series that is 100% original Apple content that doesn’t have a release date yet but Cupertino’s people released an official trailer. We don’t know if Apple will consider not releasing this last series as well as Carpool Karaoke , we know that Apple is planning to make original content but with a TV-oriented approach.

Do you think Apple is not yet ready to produce TV shows? Will it take advantage of new product launches or WWDC 2017 to launch Carpool Karaoke? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

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