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Carpool Karaoke by Apple Music will be free, except in Spain

Yes, the famous series hosted by Apple, Carpool Karaoke , to be distributed through Apple Music with a paid subscription, becomes free . As long as we have access to Apple’s App TV , which is not active in the UK.


Carpool Karaoke by Apple Music will be free, except in Spain
Carpool Karaoke by Apple Music will be free, except in Spain

The second season will start next Friday 12th October (national holiday in Spain). The only requirement is that we have access to the application from a compatible device, be it an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod. This is confirmed by Apple through a video on its YouTube channel.

There are a lot of surprises coming this season, and they are quite strong. So those of you who are fans of this Apple production are in luck for the premiere of the new season this week and for the possibility of watching it for free if you no longer have an Apple Music subscription but you do have the App TV.

Carpool Karaoke was a tremendous success in the first season, even winning the Primetime Emmy Award , the first production from a technology company to achieve this. This is an achievement and a sign that new companies that want to offer their own content are on a par with the major television networks.

One of the most memorable episodes was that of the late singer of Linkin Park . The episode was about to air when we heard the terrible news. The family gave the go-ahead for it to air, but on one condition, that it be free and accessible to everyone. Apple accepted and through Linkin Park’s Facebook page the whole episode could be seen.

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At the moment Spain will not be available through the App TV, application as it is not active in our country. Therefore, for the time being only users with an Apple Music subscription will be able to continue enjoying Carpool Karaoke. In any case, anyone can emulate this program in some way with the iPhone Karaoke games.

How about “Carpool Karaoke”?

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