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CarPlay to be included in new Toyota GR Supra 2020

The Japanese brand Toyota presented yesterday its model GR Supra 2020 at the annual Auto Show convention in Detroit. This model will recover the essence of the mythical sports car of the brand and with a feature closely related to Apple and is that will be compatible with CarPlay. Kia and Fiat Chrysler announced that their new cars will also be integrated with CarPlay but unlike Toyota’s Supra 2020 they will require a cable connection. Here are all the details.

CarPlay, presented by Apple almost 6 years ago at WWDC 2013, is a kind of operating system that allows iOS devices to be connected to car touch screens. The purpose of this Apple standard is to make it easier for drivers to perform certain actions such as using Apple Maps or Google Maps as a GPS or playing music from an iPhone in the car.

CarPlay to be included in new Toyota GR Supra 2020
CarPlay to be included in new Toyota GR Supra 2020

As mentioned above, Toyota announced during the GR Supra 2020 launch that it will offer two different ‘rating’ options and that CarPlay will be in the “3.0 Premium” package . This package includes CarPlay wireless support on an 8.8-inch touch screen. This allows users with an iOS-enabled device to connect their device to the car without using the lightning cable.

That’s how the company explained it:

The Premium 3.0 version of the Toyota Supra 2020 will also include heated leather seats. But beyond the technical specifications of this car there is no doubt that it stands out as a 21st century car with very well implemented technology and that for Apple users will be a great experience to check the integration of their devices with the car.

This renaissance of Toyota’s Supra range is expected to take place this first half of the year with the launch of the car to the US market . It should be remembered that this Japanese brand’s sports range was very popular from 1979 when the first model came out until 2002 when the last one was released.

Have you ever had the opportunity to use CarPlay? What would you highlight about this system? Leave your impressions in the comments.

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