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CarPlay, Emojis y Apple Pay

This morning we announced that Apple has made the first test version of iOS 8.3 available to developers. When this version reaches the users it will bring important new features, some of which have already been announced through this Beta , because it will be the third major update of the mobile operating system.

While the final version of iOS 8.2 is expected to be released next March in view of the arrival of the Apple Watch, it is not yet known when they plan to release iOS 8.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users . What we can say is that it will be loaded with important new features that will not go unnoticed, as well as the corresponding bug fixes and performance improvements.

CarPlay, Emojis y Apple Pay
CarPlay, Emojis y Apple Pay

As we anticipated this morning, Apple has not specified any new features in the iOS 8.3 Beta 1 download information , but thanks to the developers who have already installed it, more details about this update are becoming available. Let’s take a look at them in more detail!

iOS 8.3 includes Wireless CarPlay, Apple Pay in China and more

At the moment, iOS 8.3 Beta 1 does not include many new features , but it is possible that in future test versions others will be added. However, the ones we know of are already quite interesting.

As far as we know, iOS 8.3 includes support for Wireless CarPlay . A new section has been added to the Settings menu that makes it much easier to set up CarPlay wirelessly. If you have a car that allows you to use this system, you can access this setting by pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel.

In addition, Apple has decided to add new Emojis in iOS 8.3. The new version of the mobile operating system displays all emoticons on a single slider page instead of being divided into sections . This way, it will be much more convenient to search for the one we want to add to our message.

Another noteworthy development detected in iOS 8.3 Beta 1 is the support for Apple Pay in China . This is certainly great news for users in this Asian country, but it should also be said that support is included in UnionPay, which will make the mobile payment service available to most iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users worldwide.

Apple includes two-step third-party verification in iOS 8.3

CultofMac also points out that iOS 8.3 Beta 1 includes two-step verification for third parties, as is the case with Google services . So far, Apple mobile device users do not have the ability to enable this feature when using applications such as Google Calendar, Gmail, and others, but it will come in a few months.

But in order to enjoy all these new features we will have to wait a few months , because before we can install iOS 8.3 on our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we will have to go through iOS 8.2.

What do you think of the new features in iOS 8.3 Beta 1?