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Carl Icahn Made $3 Billion Investing in Apple

Carl Icahn’s big bet on Apple has brought him impressive benefits. Nothing less than 3 billion dollars is what this investor has managed to accumulate after only two years.

But who is this man? How did he accomplish such a financial feat? Carl Celian Icahn is an American businessman who has basically dedicated himself to investing as a shareholder in large companies.

Carl Icahn Made $3 Billion Investing in Apple
Carl Icahn Made $3 Billion Investing in Apple

Far from feeling satisfied after amassing three billion dollars, Carl Icahn still thinks that Apple’s shares should be worth twice as much.

Today, during an interview, besides assuring and defending that Apple is thinking of manufacturing a 65-inch Ultra HD TV (a rumor that has been circulating for several years now), he revealed the impressive figure he managed to reach after his two-year investment in Cupertino’s company: $3.4 billion . In his words, it was “one of his best businesses ever”.

Icahn acquired more than 52 million shares and plans to buy more if Apple manages to exceed its estimated value of $240 (the shares closed today at 129,989).

As indicated in Cult of Mac, with over 3 billion in profits, Icahn is among the elite of major shareholders such as George Soros, who made 1 billion in 1992; and Bill Ackman by making 3 billion with General Growth Properties from 2008 to 2014.

What do you think about the investment of Carl Icahn in Apple ? Do you think Cupertino’s company will manufacture televisions and cars? Share your opinions from the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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