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Carl Icahn gets more Apple stock

Carl Icahn, media shareholder of Apple, multimillionaire, and expert in stock market issues, after the presentation of the new iPhone 5s and 5c, has decided to take over new shares of the company of the bitten apple. This is because he believes that this company is undervalued on the stock exchange and that this is a good moment to buy shares.

A few days ago we told you that Carl Icahn, who owns a significant number of Apple shares, was putting pressure on Tim Cook to get Cupertino’s company to take over Nuance. We have received news that has decided to buy more Apple shares after the launch of the new iPhone.

Carl Icahn gets more Apple stockCarl Icahn gets more Apple stock

Although Apple’s stock market value has fallen more than five points since the announcement of the new iPhone 5c and 5s, the multi-million dollar investor and owner of a significant number of Apple shares has announced that he has bought a few more of them. In an interview with the American network CNBC, Icahn describes Apple as an obvious purchase and insists that now is the time to buy.

Carl Icahn, who has always been very talkative with the media about his purchases and operations, announced last month the increase in the number of shares he owned in Apple, as he thought that Cupertino’s company was undervalued by the markets .

Undoubtedly something as juicy as Apple’s shares, if you control the markets as Carl Icahn, an expert shareholder, does it can be something very profitable and valuable in the long term . We have already commented that the rumors of Apple generate purchases of its shares and that the product presentations generate sales, which causes the stock market value of the apple company to fall.

This is not really an indicator of this company’s momentum since rumors create a lot of expectation and generate purchase , although later, when the final product is presented, having transcended all the details of it, the shareholders are disappointed to know all its specifications and uses and that Apple has not been able to hide anything up its sleeve due to the leaks.