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CareKit and ResearchKit, two Apple initiatives that are already changing the world

During last week’s presentation, Apple unveiled a series of health-related innovations . The first of these was an update from ResearchKit, in which Apple COO Jeff Williams showed how quickly he can achieve very important things in the field of medicine.

Williams highlighted how the tools made available by Apple generated thousands of participants for the study of diseases. Among them, for diabetes, breast cancer, asthma or Parkinson’s. Dozens of hospitals across the US have carried out studies on a scale never seen before , given that this type of research is very limited by the geographical area of the institution itself.

CareKit and ResearchKit, two Apple initiatives that are already changing the world
CareKit and ResearchKit, two Apple initiatives that are already changing the world

With the ResearchKit, the limitation in location, the displacement that the patient must make as well as the possible mistakes and forgetfulness that he can make are eliminated or significantly reduced . And that has allowed 24 hours after its release last year, to far exceed the largest study so far:

All these initial records as well as the six apps with which ResearchKit debuted, a project that Apple decided to make open source, we saw them in detail last year.

The obstacles in the daily management of our health

Anyone in normal health usually visits the doctor once a year, at least for a general check-up. When we are in front of the doctor and he asks about our condition, we usually mention what we remember . Most likely it is what has happened to us during the last few weeks.

The problem is that the rest of the year we have completely forgotten about it. If the doctor can’t get that information out of us with questions, it’s very difficult for a partial view of a handful of days to give him an idea of how our health is doing. Everything would be easier if we had some way of writing down changes in diet, exercise or stress levels.

CareKit removes obstacles in managing treatment between a patient and his or her doctor

It is not impossible to write it all down in a notebook, but it would require little willpower and perseverance today. Nor should we rule out the embarrassment that talking to a doctor face to face about certain subjects can entail. It is absurd, but one only has to look at how in the series “House” there are numerous patients who retain vital information from the protagonist simply because they are embarrassed.

This is where both CareKit and the quantifying features of Apple devices come into play. No more forgetting, no more struggling, no more embarrassment thanks to the integration of apps with Apple’s new open source platform. The management of our health has just taken a giant step forward .

The HealthKit + ResearchKit + CareKit combo

CareKit is the latest link in the chain Apple has been building around our health. Its construction began in 2014 with the introduction of HealthKit, a platform that allowed the apps c to share the information they collected about our health , to centralize it and put it in common. HealthKit integrated this information into the iOS 8 Salud app.

Apple Watch y su papel en la modernización de la salud.

One year later and during WWDC 2015, Jeff Williams spoke to us again about health with the presentation of ResearchKit, the aforementioned system for facilitating the creation and management of mass medical studies . A few months ago we saw new diseases being added for study. Now, with CareKit Apple completes the circle of health with the management of patients.

Until now, a patient could be diagnosed and operated on with high-tech equipment but when he was discharged he received a sheet of paper with the instructions to follow for his recovery. As mentioned in the keynote, those indications are immutable, standard and in danger of being lost.

What happens if a change occurs in the patient and medication doses need to be altered? Nothing can be done until the next doctor’s visit. Pedro Aznar told us this about CareKit:

The data collected by both iOS and devices such as the Apple Watch or the Quantity Wristbands, as well as third-party apps, are highly sensitive . From some as simple as the steps we take to more personal ones like heart rate or those collected by fertility, epilepsy and diabetes apps.

That’s why privacy management and security control on iOS devices is so important. Both for Apple and for us. The company from California is carrying out a revolution in the medical field which is being talked about very little . However, this is only the beginning.

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