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Careful, your iPhone might lock up because of this bug!

Este es el nostálgico soporte de carga para iPhone que lo convierte en un Macintosh

Finalmente este error será arreglado en breves por una próxima actualización del sistema operativo de la manzana. Recordemos que se trata de una versión beta, por lo que estás versiones quedan abiertas a posibles fallos y errores al tratarse de una actualización en fase de prueba.

Careful, your iPhone might lock up because of this bug!
Careful, your iPhone might lock up because of this bug!

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Today, iOS 10 is one of the best mobile operating systems on the market. There are many attributes that make this software one of the most stable and secure . In the first place, in terms of security and privacy, Cupertino’s people have gone to great lengths to reduce possible security holes to a minimum, which are used as nests by the same cybercriminals.

Nevertheless, there is always a small door open for possible bugs and errors . However, a new bug has just been discovered that would lock and restart your Apple terminal.

It should be noted that this new error is due to the latest version of iOS 10.3.2 beta recently released by the company. And it is through the Control Center, that our terminal gets blocked . However, this bug does not cause any major impact or damage, since it is fixed when the device is rebooted.

This bug is caused by accessing the Control Center section and selecting one of the options: clock, camera or calculator and Night Shift and AirDrop at the same time. Pressing all three options simultaneously locks the terminal.

Honestly, it’s a pretty simple mistake and it’s not annoying, since it’s hard to provoke. That’s why this bug is not very important , it’s more to remind us that perfection doesn’t exist, and even less so when it comes to computers.

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