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Caracteristicas del iPhone 5c iPhone 5 plastico

The new iPhone 5c is already among us. Gone are the rumors and leaks that have been happening throughout these months prior to today’s presentation. A real assault by Cupertino’s people on the most important user sector within the smartphone market, the medium-high range. The details of this new device we tell you below.

In today’s keynote Apple presented its ace in the hole to play the game for users in the upper-middle range . A terminal that, without a doubt, has nothing to envy from the big players competing in the market, nor, of course, from its newly introduced big brother.

External appearance

Caracteristicas del iPhone 5c iPhone 5 plastico
Caracteristicas del iPhone 5c iPhone 5 plastico

There were many leaks and rumors about this subject and finally things were cleared up. Definitely, yes, the material chosen for the housing of this new iPhone is polycarbonate . This material, knowing that there are many detractors, has a number of advantages such as resistance to impact or deformation -among many others- and, most importantly, allows for a reduction in the cost of production which will lead to a reduction in the final price of the product .

Another great attraction of this product is the varied range of colours in which this device is presented -lime green, white, blue, red and yellow-. This will be a great attraction for users and a way of diversifying, in terms of colour, its range of entry to the iPhone world.

In spite of the material used, the weight remains at a mere 132 grams. In terms of thickness, we’re at 0.90 centimetres, slightly thicker than its big brother, the brand new iPhone 5S.


The 3.5-inch screens disappeared to make way for the 4-inch Retina screens and it seems that these, at least for another year, want to continue to make an appearance .

Therefore, this new iPhone will mount a 4-inch Retina screen with 326 pixel density . The resolution is maintained at the 1136×640 ratio already used with iPhone 5.


No surprises or news about the heart of the machine. The chip that, under the hood, will have the recently introduced iPhone 5c is the one that mounts the current iPhone 5, the A6 chip .

This processor, as we already know, is based on the ARMv7s architecture, which is a version based on the ARMv7 instruction set but improved and developed by Apple itself , thus achieving greater performance and efficiency with lower power consumption.

Although, theoretically, it will be one step behind its big brother, the power that this processor is capable of generating will make it appear very high on the lists of benchmark , rubbing elbows with many of the current top-of-the-range products from other companies.


The camera is also another of the iPhone 5’s legacy parts, clearly in a eagerness to reduce costs thanks to the wonderful economy of scale . No one doubts the quality of the above-mentioned camera, even though, nowadays, we have terminals with a much better lens. Without going any further, the same iPhone 5S just introduced.

We continue with 8 megapixels that, together with the improvement in the optics introduced at the time, make this terminal a good device to go out and take pictures of your best moments . This, for the darkest moments, comes with an LED flash.

The camera, thanks to the enormous performance of the A6 chip, allows 1080p recording in addition to other functions such as HDR and the panorama photos that we already had present on the iPhone 5.

Where we find a major improvement is, in the front chamber. Totally redesigned for this iPhone 5c, with a larger size and backlight. FaceTime video calls will take a huge leap in quality.


We found a larger battery in the current iPhone 5. This will give us more autonomy. An important improvement that, together with a very efficient processor, will give us some extra hours of work. With 10 hours of navigation, video playback, and conversation, this device is among the most common in terms of battery life.

New covers

New customisable sleeves for the terminals presented have been launched. The material used has been a plastic with a texture similar to silicone that allows a better grip. Thanks to this, the possible combination of colours is multiplied, making your device more yours. The covers are available at a price of $29.

Availability and prices

The iPhone 5c will be available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States beginning Friday, September 20th. The remaining countries, will have to wait for a second printing .

The prices of the device, in euros, will be 599 for the 16 GB device and 699 for the largest version, the 32 GB. These prices come from the French Apple Store so the price for the European zone is already more than clear.


It’s not a leading edge terminal, in fact, it’s not meant to be. This terminal covers the market niche where most of the potential buyers are concentrated , the upper-middle range. The combination of a large hardware , with colorful cases as a great visual appeal and, a good software as iOS 7, will make this new iPhone a device to be considered by a large number of users.

Undoubtedly, a necessary and intelligent move that, despite a principle that has always denied this possibility, Apple has had to carry out due to the needs and demands of the current market of smarthphones . After knowing the price, we see how it opens the possibility of acquiring an iPhone at a price somewhat more affordable than its big brother -maintaining some good features- although I think, they have exceeded the price since, for 100 euros more we could acquire the new 5s.

The iPhone 5c will undoubtedly be a great attraction for telemarketers to attract or retain customers .

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