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Car Sharing is Easy with the BlaBlaCar App for iPhone and iPad

BlaBlaCar for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Do you like to travel but you want to spend the right amount of money? Are you bored or bored of travelling on public transport and are you looking for another way to get to that place you want so much? Do you want to go somewhere but the transport schedules don’t suit your needs? Do you travel often with your car, would you like to share the cost of your trips and save money? If you answered yes to any of these questions, BlaBlaCar, the ultimate car sharing app may be the solution to your concerns.

Carpooling has never been easier!

BlaBlaCar is a free application developed for the iPhone that you can also use on your iPad using X2 mode. With it you can find other people who want to carpool and save money or who are looking for another way to travel to a city, saving more time and money than if you were using public transport, or simply adjusting the trip to your needs. Share your car, indicate where you are going to travel, put the conditions of the trip, a price and publish it so that thousands of people can see it and find people interested in travelling with you.

Starting with BlaBlaCar

Car Sharing is Easy with the BlaBlaCar App for iPhone and iPad
Car Sharing is Easy with the BlaBlaCar App for iPhone and iPad

After downloading the application, you will need to register as a BlaBlaCar user. In a few simple steps of registration you will be asked for your basic but necessary data so that they can contact you and, above all, to create a network of trust between the more than one million users in Europe who use BlaBlaCar , because the success of this service is in their users and the satisfaction they get from sharing their vehicles. You will also indicate in which car the users will travel and what level of comfort you offer .

Once your record is generated, you will access the main screen of the app. Its interface is very nice, with warm colors and very good usability . It has large text to be easily read.

In the lower area of the user interface a toolbar contains the options you can use: Search, Post, My Trips, My Messages and My Profile .

The Search option

From this option you can search for thousands of trips proposed by the application’s users. You will indicate the city of departure, where you want to go, when and the time you would like to travel . By clicking on the Search button, your search results will be displayed, sorted by date and time. From each result you will know who proposes the trip, what price is requested, how many seats are left, as well as various options chosen by the driver such as whether to allow animals, whether to play music during the trip, whether to smoke or not, whether to chat while driving, etc.

When you select one of the results, you will see more detail about the proposed trip, including how to contact the driver and the number of opinions that other users have published about this particular user.

The Publish option

In this option you can propose and publish a trip so that other users can join you . You will indicate if it is a one-way or a return trip, where you are leaving from, where you are going, on what date you will make the trip, where you plan to go, how many free places you are offering, the size of your luggage, whether you are going by motorway or not and, most importantly, the price you are asking for the trip. The application itself will propose a price based on the prices that other users have requested for similar journeys.

The My Trips and My Messages options

The option My Trips will show you the trips you have already taken and the ones you are currently offering . If you select any of the displayed tickets you will be shown all the details of the trip. In My Messages you will see which messages have been sent to you by other users and which you have sent . Please note that you can be contacted via the phone number you set up when creating your profile or directly via messages using the application.

The My Profile option

Here you will set up your profile preferences, both personal information and travel preferences about smoking, music, luggage, animals and so on. You will also be able to modify the car of the trips, set a password so that they cannot use the application without your consent and leave opinions of other users, something very important for the community to work well.

What we liked best

  • The app’s philosophy of sharing cars and trips with other users and being able to save together.
  • The ease of use of the application and the network of trust created among users thanks to feedback.
  • The possibility of travelling at reduced prices and in company.

What we liked the least

  • The number of offers to European destinations is still small.
  • Not everyone gives an opinion on the journey he has taken.

Download BlaBlaCar

Highly recommended by iPadizate! What are you waiting for to download?

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