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Capture, analyzing the new Youtube application

It’s been a few weeks since it came out, but for the more clueless ones at Apple we’ve gotten around to it and we’re going to give you a review of the new application for iOS Capture. Some people have dared to define it as the Instagram of the video, and it is partly, but obviously it is an application that must be handled not without some care . In short, this is an application that handles videos, with all that that entails.

Capture, analyzing the new Youtube application
Capture, analyzing the new Youtube application

As we are handling larger files, the first thing we have to realize is that these will consume a lot of our data rate . Depending on what we have contracted this can be a serious handicap, so we should be aware of using any wifi networks we may have available.

This simple point may seem obvious, and indeed it is, but it never hurts to note how popular the iPhone has become and that the user profile is very broad. But let’s move on to the application itself, Youtube (Google) seeks to encourage the use of video on our Smartphones and does so with a simple application linked to our Youtube channel.

The app starts out as you might expect, asking you to link your app to a youtube account, or to create one. Do you have a Google account? Don’t worry then, you already have one. Once you’ve done this, it’s almost done, we just need to record. What’s wrong with your phone? Put it in “landscape” mode, the videos will be much better.

Once these two simple gestures are completed, we can start recording at any time. The interface couldn’t be simpler, I can’t tell if it’s pretty or ugly, but it does the job perfectly. Choose which camera to record with (whether rear or front) activate the flash, record, access the video library or the settings , nothing else, nothing else is really needed.

The video library is a container of all the videos we have stored in our device. Both videos from our photo library (to which you will ask for access) to the videos that you send us by whatsapp or that we have made with the application itself. We miss some kind of search that allows to differentiate them easily .

We can upload any video we want at any time by adding a brief description. It will also allow us to make some slight adjustments, such as color correction, stabilization or cropping . Little more to add here. The settings section will allow you to link other accounts to the application, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ . As well as some other configuration options more.

As for what really matters, the video upload, say that obviously with a good coverage, this will be agile (the upload) allowing us to upload several videos at once creating upload queues . We can forget that the application is uploading videos and will continue with its task even if we are not using it. We’ll be able to use the phone for whatever we want.
Youtube Capture

But I would like to stress again that we should always try to do all this with a good Wifi connection . Depending on which company you have hired your pocket will thank you (or your navigation for the rest of the month), try to remember that these are not photos of a few megas, but video of a few (hundreds maybe). In short, an application that should not be missing on your iPhone if you like to record videos (and share them mainly).

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