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Capture an entire website from OS X

Awesome Screenshot

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Capture an entire website from OS XCapture an entire website from OS X

Saving a complete web page capture is something that some of us sometimes need to do, either for work or for sharing something on our social networks. Today, in Applesupportphonenumber, we will talk about a fantastic tool that will allow us to do that in a fast and free way; it is an extension called Awesome Screenshot and it is available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

I’m sure you’ve wanted to save the whole of a web in an image, either to store that train ticket that you can’t print at that moment, some bank receipt, etc. In OS X we have a very useful tool to make screenshots, but it only allows us to save what is being displayed on the screen. To solve this, today we will talk about Awesome Screenshot, a fantastic tool to take screenshots of entire websites , no matter how long they are .

Awesome Screenshot is a free extension available for Safari, FireFox and Chrome . To install it, go to their official website and click on the button Get Awesome Screenshot . Once the file is downloaded, we’ll double click on it and install it. After the installation, we can see in our browser a new button with a dark circle inside. When we click on it, a drop-down menu with two options will open: Capture Visible Part of Page and Capture Entire Page ; the first one will make a capture of the website that is visible on our screen, and the second one will make a capture of the entire website , which is the most interesting option.

But Awesome Screenshot doesn’t end here. After selecting what type of capture we want, a new tab will open showing the image and a toolbar, where we can crop the illustration, make selections, lines, and even add text . Once this process is finished we have two possibilities: upload the image to the servers and obtain a link or save it in a file, for the latter we simply have to click the right button of our mouse or click with two fingers at the same time on our Trackpad and select Save image as .

In this video you can see a detailed use of the extension.

This extension is particularly useful for me as a developer , as it makes it much easier for me to write down comments quickly, or to save ideas from other pages .

And you, what did you think of Awesome Screenshot? Do you use any other extension for this purpose?

Awesome Screenshot