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Captain America, Marvel’s Most Patriotic Hero Arrives

Capitain America: Sentinel of liberty is the new game from Marvel for iPad or iPad 2, now available on the App Store, where we will put ourselves in the shoes of the American vigilante.

Practically coinciding with the film’s premiere in theaters, this Marvel game appears in which we will relive Christos Gage’s original story.

Captain America, Marvel’s Most Patriotic Hero Arrives
Captain America, Marvel’s Most Patriotic Hero Arrives

These are the most remarkable features of the game:

  • A story in which we will have to defeat the military forces of HYDRA!
  • Use the shield to hit enemies in the air and on the ground or to throw it and hit them from a distance.
  • Spectacular graphics and very precise controls.
  • Shoot down enemies with machine guns and dodge mines in World War II scenarios.
  • 24 levels, each with several routes and hidden areas.
  • Special unlockable items.

Other screenshots from the game Captain America for iPad and iPad2.

The action of Captain America comes to life with an original story and a script written by Christos Gage, author of Marvel, illustrations by artists such as Ron Lim and Christopher Sotomayor and the original soundtrack of Captain America.

If you’re a Captain America fan you can’t stop trying this game on your iPad.

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