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Can’t wait until the fall to buy a new Mac? Here are our tips for doing so now

We’re all waiting for what we saw at WWDC 2017 to happen again: a complete overhaul of the Mac range , so that its internal components are up to date. Even some experts are already clamoring for examples like the Mac Mini or MacBook Air, which are sold with technical specifications up to 4 years old.

And maybe you’re on the edge: maybe you had pinned all your hopes on WWDC 2018, and that event was just software news in the tradition. For whatever reason you can’t wait until autumn and need to buy a Mac now ? Don’t worry, it’s not a bad decision at all. Let’s look at some tips for this case.

No, buying a Mac now is not a bad idea

Can’t wait until the fall to buy a new Mac? Here are our tips for doing so nowCan’t wait until the fall to buy a new Mac? Here are our tips for doing so now

First of all, we must make it clear that buying a Mac right now is not a bad thing. Of course, it’s best to wait for the autumn renewals, but the Macs in the shops are far from obsolete. I’m writing this from an iMac that’s six years old, and the idea is to take advantage of it until there’s a Mac that can no longer be installed on it. The Mac you buy now will last you a long time . You just have to take good care of it.

Something else that’s a must, you can buy your Mac: configure it with an SSD . Mechanical drives, even Fusion Drives, are no longer optimized for MacOS. The result is that Macs with mechanical hard drives that use modern versions of the system are much slower, to the point where there are ten-year-old Macs that work better with OS X Lion or Mountain Lion.

Essential: SSD disk. Optional: expand from 8 to 16 GB of RAM if possible

Therefore, the best thing you can do above all is to invest in that SSD. You’ll appreciate it in both the short and long term. Additionally, if you want your Mac to stand up better over the years, you can also invest in getting 16 GB of RAM . Depending on your needs, though, that may not be as essential anymore.

And now we come to the “depends” part, because it’s those needs you have that will determine the Mac you’ll buy. If you have professional needs, such as photo and video editing, don’t be afraid to buy a feature-rich Mac .

If instead you want a Mac for general needs (mail, social networks, web, watching videos…), then you shouldn’t be afraid either because any computer will do. Here my advice would be not to buy the lowest ranges, because as it is hardware that is already not recent it can be the one that becomes obsolete before. I would invest in more powerful specifications , so that in a few years the drop in computer performance will not be too great in three or four years.

The last “classic” Mac you’re going to buy?

Un viaje hacia los Mac del futuro

We are in a time that could be described as transitory. Ten years ago we were sure that computers like MacBook would still exist, but would you dare to say that the concept of the laptop as such will still be alive in 2028? Cell phones, tablets, wearables , that mysterious Project Star… in a nearer future than you think the concept of the computer could change radically . At least as far as the Apple ecosystem is concerned.

I want to mention this because it is possible that if you are going to buy a Mac now and your needs are not too specific, it will probably be the last Mac you have in the form of a “classic computer” . In five or six years we could be talking about devices that right now I don’t even dare to think about, and that for sure are already under study in the secret labs of Apple Park.

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